Cyber Security

Today’s digital age offers many opportunities for organisations because employees are no longer restricted to a permanent location. Increasing digitalisation is creating efficiencies that increase agility. But these developments also bring risks. We believe that cyber security is a team effort and that only if all the links fall into line, we will be able to convert the risks into opportunities.



Let our specialists check your environment for the most essential security measures. This will give you a quick insight into the current state of your security. From our experience we know which measures have the most impact on the overall security. These points are all examined during a QuickScan. This quickly provides a clear overview of how vulnerable your environment is.


Our experts take you into the world of cyber security, by testing your environment against the Center for Internet Security (CIS v8) standard. This will provide you with direct insight into the maturity of your security measures. CIS is the leader in security and hardening. The CIS control set is strongly based on the technical measures to improve your security.
The security assessment consists of an audit and a technical analysis of the existing measures. The security measures are then rated on maturity so that it immediately becomes clear where improvements are possible. Our specialists will present the results and give advice on where to improve.


ISO service

Our experts are always prepared to help your organization acquire the ISO 27001 certification. With the ISO 27001 certification you can demonstrate that your organization is compliant with all requirements around information security. Our experts will help you with both the certification and the implementation of the measures so you will not be faced with surprises. With our approach we will ensure that your organization is well protected.


We understand that drawing up a solid security or digital transformation policy is a profession in itself. It is therefore quite a challenge for a lot of organisations to do this internally. It requires highly specialised knowledge and is not always a full-time job. Our CISOs and CTOs have a huge amount of experience in consulting and supervising security and digital transformation projects in both small and large organisations.



In this complete service, we help organisations set up a solid cyber security strategy and guide its implementation. This allows you to focus on the core business of the company, while we ensure that the security is in order.
Together with your IT team or IT partner, we ensure a seamless implementation of information security. After implementation, we maintain and monitor the security aspects of your environment. Our experts ensure that there is a balance between, prevention, detection and recovery. This way, you know that your data is always safe.

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