Cyber security certifications

Secure your organization

Prevent attacks and damage

Protect partners and customers

By obtaining cyber security certificates you’re assured that your organization is protected the best way possible against cyber attacks and data breaches or damage that is caused by it. You safeguard your business, employees, and customers by having your digital environment and practices assessed. Additionally, many companies and clients you work with (or plan to work with) require such certification. Everyone you work with should be able to trust that they are as well protected as possible. Even when they collaborate with your organization. By obtaining a cybersecurity certificate, you can easily demonstrate this. In essence, ensuring digital security is not just for yourself, but also for everyone you collaborate with.

infographic about cyber security certificates
infographic about cyber security certificates


No, we can’t. The certification process, however, is more than just a one-time ‘test’ and many organizations require guidance throughout the journey to obtaining certifications. We take technical descriptions and turn them into actionable plans, then assist with carrying them out or putting them into practice. Furthermore, almost every cybersecurity certificate involves customization tailored to each organization. We can ensure that your organization receives and implements the tailored solutions it needs.

In some sectors, yes, but not always. It’s advisable to work exclusively with partners who have cybersecurity certificates. Especially when your organization handles (personal) data of individuals or confidential company information. It’s quite common for cybercriminals to find their way into large organizations through partners.

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