OpenSight at the KVK Online session: software-updates

teaser opensight te gast bij kvk online sessie

Op 25 juni zijn we gastsprekers op de KVK Online sessie: software updates

The session will take place online from 12:30 to 13:00 and is completely free.
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Keep your door closed to hackers

Every year, one in five entrepreneurs is a victim of cybercrime. For example through hacking, where criminals break into your computer. This is often done via vulnerabilities in non-updated software. Find out how software updates prevent hackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Updates keep your software working properly and safe. Regularly and quickly updating your software prevents hackers from breaking into your computer. That way, they can’t steal your money or data. Or secretly install ransomware.

During this online session at KVK, we will really get into all of this. We discuss what exactly software updates are. And why it is important to install updates immediately. Especially when it comes to security updates. You will get tips on how to keep your systems up-to-date and where to start.

“Not installing updates is like walking around with a hole in your shoe. Nothing the matter when the weather is nice, but when it rains you’ll regret not just stopping by the shoemaker”

Marcel Krommenhoek

Do you have any questions during the broadcast? Then ask these live via chat.

For who is this session?

This online session is aimed at sole traders and small SMEs working on their digital security.


Read up in advance so that you take in all the information during the online event even better. We recommend you read the following article:
Software updates: keep the door locked for hackers.

Attending the event

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