OpenSight is specialised in the organisational and high-level design aspects of cyber security. We assess and/or audit client environments for the maturity of security controls and policies.

We also provide senior security officers who can manage information security projects within organisations to ensure that objectives are achieved and certification is obtained or maintained.

We are here to improve the safety of your company or organisation. Together with our strategic partners, we ensure a comprehensive approach to provide clients with the best advice. Teamwork is essential in order to find the right solution for your organisation. There is a suitable solution for every challenge.

So whether you are looking for better manageability, optimal recovery from a disaster or would rather have your security managed, OpenSight is your partner.

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Marcel Krommenhoek – Founder OpenSight B.V.




We strive to provide insight to the value of information security for organizations. Security is not an inhibitor but a driver for innovation and growth, but only if it fits perfectly within the goals of the organisation.


We strive for a world in which both people and organisations become more aware of the need for digital security. Together with our clients, we want to achieve sustainable growth with a mature security policy and thereby convert threats into opportunities.

Cybersecurity is a process that is never finished and therefore it must live throughout the organisation. IT continues to develop and this brings risks along with it. In addition, new laws and regulations are constantly being formulated in order to protect the organisation and its employees. Cybersecurity is becoming a separate part within IT and is therefore just as important as all other parts within the department. Cybersecurity is a requirement for every organisation!

Our core values


Cooperation is the most important thing for us, because security is teamwork. Involvement of the organisation is essential for any security solution. A good solution requires knowledge of the industry, technology and organisation. Only together with our partners can we provide the best solution. We feel connected to our clients and seek cooperation in order to find the best solution.


In order to identify risks and opportunities in a transparent way, trust and openness are essential. By asking the right questions, in combination with open communication, we can identify the problems within your organisation. We believe that every security solution starts with consultation, advice and planning. Only when we truly understand each other will the solution be tailor-made.


With our passion for technology and clear vision of security, we understand that our work has an impact on people. For this reason, we always strive for a personal approach. By carefully listening to the wishes and agreeing clear goals with the client, we ensure that you get the solution you expect. Flexibility is therefore a key factor in achieving a good solution.

We are at your service!

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